Ma (2019)



Don’t make her drink alone! This looked like another version of Greta (which I highly enjoyed) where a very talented actress takes on the role of a psycho stalker. Tate Taylor had previously worked with Octavia Spencer on The Help and she jumped at the opportunity to go outside the box and play a role so left field for her. Ma could certainly have been written better and had  potential but its anchored by a really good Octavia Spencer performance. You’ll just be scratching your head at the stupidity in the film.

The film is about a group of teens who are looking to drink and hang out with each other. They one day come across a lady, dubbed “Ma” who buys them alcohol and allows them to hang out in her basement to do whatever they want. Things seem perfect in the beginning but soon the group realize that there is something way off for Ma and she becomes obsessed with them and they want to find out the secrets that she is hiding. Diana Silvers, Luke Evans, and Juliette Lewis also star.

Spencer is fantastic in this and seems so comfortable in this unique role for her. She’s the life that keeps the party moving. Teenagers are dumb but the decision making on their end is questionable. The main problem with the film is the fact that it becomes super easy to predict what is going to happen. It’s an interesting idea because I do love psychological thrillers but its not all that it could have been.The theater I went to had a really good time with it though.

Its an entertaining watch I’d say and its brainless fun, which ultimately is what it should be. I’m sure its very aware of how campy and cheesy it gets and it takes advantage of that. I liked seeing Octavia Spencer try something different and also like the look of Diana Silvers (especially after seeing her in Booksmart). Its just a little bizarre that the basement of a middle aged woman could become the drinking spot for all the cool kids. Like is that really how bad this town is?



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