Avengers: Endgame (2019)


Avengers: Endgame

The Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to a point where a film feels like an actual event. We have been waiting in anticipation for a year to see the final showdown that started in Infinity War. Actually, scratch that. The entire Infinity Saga started way back with Iron Man. 22 films, countless number of heroes coming together in the culminating battle against Thanos. So much anticipation, ticketing app crashes, and going through so much to try to see this on opening night. Now here we are. Does Avengers: Endgame live up to its high expectations? Absolutely. I felt like it was unique and carries the most emotional weight off anything in this universe but it absolutely serves its fans who have been loyal for years and years.

The film takes place three weeks after the end of Infinity War. Half of the worlds population have been wiped out by Thanos and now the remaining Avengers (who just so happen to consist summarily of the original Avengers) must find a way to not only defeat Thanos, but also avenge the fallen and find a way to counteract the actions that occurred at the end of Infinity War. As expected the film stars a gigantic cast of Hollywood’s best and watch out for the cameos from heroes who have appeared previously in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I really would like to talk about this film in a spoiler review but as with every review on my site, there will be no spoilers. I will say that this film has a unique take almost immediately. The humor and banter is still there as it always is and the character arcs are as fantastic as ever at its near completion. The film carries the most emotional weight as anything this universe has seen. The film has so much fan service. I think if you go early on and with a packed crowd of fans you will see just how much this means to the audience who have stayed loyal to this saga.

There were laughs, there were cheers, there were gasps, and yes there were tears. The film feels like it should be the very last that the MCU has to offer but of course we know there are Spider-Man and Black Panther sequels coming. The final battle brings just about everything you could hope for. If you’re a fan of the series I think you will enjoy this film as it makes a case of being the best Avengers film. It goes hand in hand with Infinity War, of course both films were shot together.

Members of the original Avengers put on performances that do their characters the utmost justice after being on this journey for a decade. The film builds up quite slowly but once the plot takes form and the battle lines are drawn it delivers in the way the Russo brothers know how to. Th action is there, and all of what makes the Marvel Universe such a sweeping phenomenon is always there. Some characters could get more screen time, sure. You have to remember that there are so many characters that the film has to juggle and it does that admirably as it is.

The film will be a box office hit for sure and will be well reviewed in regards to the Universe as I can already see. I will be seeing this again tomorrow morning and  have the same excitement going into a second viewing as I did my first. I found this to be a very special entry and feel like it ties up so much in such a perfect fashion. If you are a fan of superhero fans you need to see this as soon as possible and should do..

Whatever it takes.


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