A Star is Born (2018)


A Star is Born

I know there have been multiple incarnations of A Star is Born but I’ve only seen the Judy Garland version. I didn’t think it was anything amazing but I was game with a modern retelling of the basic story. This one was swimming around in production for a while and then we finally got Bradley Cooper starring and directing his first film ever. The more interesting aspect was Lady Gaga getting the lead role as well. I liked the trailers for this quite a bit and was hyped for it. Overall, its a good film not sure it matches the praise I read for it but its definitely a very solid film.

The film is about an alcoholic singer songwriter and the relationship he sparks up with a waitress who moonlights as a singer at a drag bar. He realizes her talent in singing and songwriting and eventually brings her out to perform with him at one of his shows. She blows up, and then must deal with the fame and the failing relationship with her drunk partner, whose condition worsens each day. The film also enlists the talents of Sam Elliot and Dave Chappelle (although the later is a very brief appearance).

First thing’s first. The music in this film is very good. Its well thought out and you get the feel of a genuine and raw live performance each time you see the duo on stage. It does a good job of mimicking the life and work of two real musicians. This is definitely the best performance of both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s career. Gaga once again shows she has a natural talent for acting and singing and the role allows her to flourish in both. The film is also a good portrayal of mental health, the damaging effects addiction has on an individual, and its loved ones. Its somber but absolutely true. The cinematography is also excellent.

I thought the film was long and absolutely felt its length. Its easy to get sidetracked and feel like parts in the final hour drag. It doesn’t detract so much from the films quality because everything else is still really good. Music lovers and general film lovers will have a field day with this film. I would not be surprised at all if this film is up there in the mix for all the major Oscars of the year, although its still very early to tell.


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