Terminal (2018)



I was admittedly not a fan of Margot Robbie when she first starting making waves. I didn’t go crazy for her in early films or her portrayal as Harley Quinn. What did make me a fan of her was her portrayal of Tonya Harding in I, Tonya. She was really tremendous in that film. When i saw the trailer for Terminal I thought it was something I could love. It looked like a female driven, cult classic, that had a lot of style. Was also surprised that virtually no theaters were showing this (thank god for video on demand).

This film is about two men who have a mission they have to perform to get a large payday. They encounter a woman who becomes a key part of completing the mission. This woman actually seems to be everywhere. Shes in church, working as a waitress and a stripper, and seems to encounter all characters in the film. There is a deeper level of connection that she has with all that s going on, but that’s something that would be a spoiler if I went into it. The film stars a fairly odd cast of Simon Pegg and Mike Myers (where has he been lately?)

While I had no problems with Margot Robbie in this film, I can see her being typecast as the crazy, unhinged sexy blonde type role. About halfway through the film, I felt like I hated it. The film uses a bunch of plot twists and shock reveals later on. I don’t know how effective they are but I think it sort of made me feel better of what I was watching. The film is purely reliant on its style and use of neon colors. Its very nice to look at, but the plot seems like its all over the place and is really messy.

I feel like the filmmaker was trying to include a bunch of ideas and a mix of character dialogue to deliver his point, but it does not always work. Its an oddball film which is okay at a few moments but is a very confused effort. I can see why the producers didn’t bother with a theatrical release as I feel like this is something that people would slate. I found things to enjoy but it does not come nearly enough to make me want to praise the film.



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