Sin City (2005)


Sin City

I’ve been meaning to rewatch this film for quite some time. I’m a massive fan of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror. The Grindhouse films that came out a few years ago was one of the greatest theater experiences I had. I recall being slightly disappointed with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For although it was still decent. After rewatching the film I feel just about the same about the first film; its a wonderful visual experience and wholly engaging.

The film is based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel and tells the tale of a few select characters. Themes of revenge and putting out crime are strong in this film. Its a neo-noir film shot in comic book style black and white with select color for some things (such as blood and the Yellow Bastard!). Its stylistically slick, an absolute joy to look at. The film is in noir form so we have the protagonist of each segment telling us what’s going on. The film is detailed and violent. Sex blood and fighting reign supreme.

The film has got a load of great characters and actors at the helm. Robert Rodriguez works with some names that he was linked with in the past. This time around I watched what I think was the extended cut of the film. Which I don’t actually think was extended but rather each segment was in order with its parts and each segment had ending credits. It doesn’t really change the experience of the film and is still just as enjoyable this way.

I can see why Robert Rodriguez planned the sequel. His work usually do get additional films though they often end up being not up to par with the original. Unfortunately, this was the same with A Dame to Kill For. I actually would like to give a sequel a re-watch though as I may have more positive feelings about it at this time. All I know is that Robert Rodriguez should get credit for going outside the box with his work, sometimes it doesn’t work but at least he attempts to be innovative.


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