Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)


Sonic the Hedgehog

This was meant to come out last year. That is, until it made waves for all the wrong reasons. There were massive complaints about the very humanoid design of Sonic the Hedgehog with many complaining he looked nothing like the character from the beloved SEGA game franchise. In a fairly unprecedented move, the studio decided to pull the movie back and redesign Sonic, while injecting more cash into the budget. Lo and behold they redesigned Sonic and he looks great, much like the video game character. However, the designs and graphics are one thing, how does the film fare up?

The film is about Sonic, a hedgehog with super speed. He is hiding on Earth after being sent here with a magic golden ring that acts as a portal. While on Earth, he is revealed to an ambitious cop and they befriend each other. There is an issue though, as a scientific genius named Doctor Robotnik is recruited to investigate a mass power outage, which was initially caused by Sonic. Robitnik clashes with the pair and then makes it his job to capture Sonic.

I think instantly the film utilizes Jim Carrey brilliantly. This film absolutely allowed Carrey to be in his element, much like he was at the height of his career. Its tremendous, he’s so outrageous and overacted that its such a fun portrayal. I thought the design for Sonic was good and finally resembled the likeness that we are used to. The film’s plot falls into cliches and is nothing that has not bee explored before.

In fact I’d say portions of the plot are borrowed from other films, namely when time is slower relative to Sonic and he messes around with the environment of whats going on around him, which was blatantly done with Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film is still good fun that the family will enjoy and stay tuned after the credits for a fan moment. I fully expect the film to become a series.



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