Miss Americana (2020)


Miss Americana

It may or may not be obvious from all the reviews that I do but I must say I love Taylor Swift. Its not just love, I am a super fan. I’ve followed her career for over a decade, seen her live multiple times, bought all her albums and vinyl, learned to play a few of her songs on guitar, and even had the privilege of meeting her. I love her career progression and how each album represents an important but different stage in her life. When I heard this documentary was releasing on Netflix, I knew I would like it as with all things Swift. I thought this was an excellent look into the biggest musician in this country today.

The film follows Swifts life from her Reputation album and on. After being criticized on many fronts in the media, Swift disappeared to reinvent herself and speak up on matters she had stayed quiet on in the past. The film talks about her changing music, ho the media portrays her, her struggle with her body image, her moms cancer diagnosis, her sexual assault case, feminism, and her effort to become more politically vocal. The documentary also shows the viewers the creative process for her latest studio release, Lover.

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, then you already know you will be pleased. However, I think people who just want a quality documentary going behind the scenes in her life should watch as well. It is a raw and emotional look and one in which she shows herself in a way we haven’t seen her before. She’s no longer apologizing to fit the narrative of what the media wants she is now being vocal of what she believes in and giving voice to the issues she has going on in her life.

Whether you love her or hate her, its hard to deny that Taylor Swift is one of and if not the biggest pop star/musician going today. Fortunately, I am pleased to say Lana Wilson’s behind the scenes look into the life of Swift was one that was done extremely well while focusing on important modern issues that need to be vocalized. This is something I’ll be sure to get back to again in the future.


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