The Rhythm Section (2020)


The Rhythm Section

Here is a film that was indecisive about when it needed to be released. It was pushed back twice before finally releasing at the end of January. I was very critical of Blake Lively’s acting in Gossip Girl and at points in her film career. It wasn’t until I saw her in The Shallows that I really started to appreciate her talents. The Rhythm Section is a perfect vehicle for Lively to show her strongest performance to date but unfortunately the film is a very dull affair.

The film is about a woman who has turned to drugs and prostitution after the tragic death of her family in a plane crash three years earlier. However, one day she receives some information that suggests that the plane crash was no accident but a terrorist attack. She gets trained and learns information about those responsible for her family’s death and she seeks revenge on them. The film also stars Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown.

I will start with the positives. This is very easily, Blake’s best performance to date. She’s very good in it. She’s a trained assassin but flawed as shes prone to error. That’s sort of how it should be though, no? There a few scenes mostly when shes chased in a car that are shot quite well and keep you engaged. Unfortunately, that engagement does not last long. This film is very boring and feels basic for a large amount of time. When its lifeless, its hard to really stay invested in the story, especially when it feels like not much goes on for a bulk of the film.

The film hits “Action thriller led by a female lead” cliches as we go along. I can see what the filmmaker was going for but unfortunately there isn’t enough action or entertainment to really get viewers hearts racing. The studio was unsure what to do with this film and it turns out it will be just an after thought as soon as you leave the theater. Just a very unremarkable film.


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