The Turning (2020)


The Turning

What can be said about this film that hasn’t already been said? Its been making a buzz for the absolutely wrong reasons. Yes, that ending. I wonder what was going through the filmmakers mind when drafting that ending. I won’t say what happened but I must say that ending alone brings the films rating and quality down by a lot. What you get with The Turning is atmospheric nothingness for a full 90 minutes. Only saving grace, are the performances from its actors.

The film is about a woman who becomes a governess for a child who lives at an estate. Once there she realizes that the girls disturbed older brother is also back from boarding school. Soon she starts realizing that the children are not what they seem and that there is a ghostly presence in the house related to the wicked former horse riding instructor who stayed at the house. The woman is curious to find out more about all this while protecting the young girl she is tasked to serve.

The best part of the film is definitely the acting of Mackenzie Davis and especially Brooklynn Prince. Prince was tremendous in The Florida Project and she brought a lively energy to this film, and it was needed. Finn Wolfhard is plain annoying in this film and is now in that annoying teenager phase of life. The film opens with the announcement of the death of Kurt Cobain because? The film falls for the usual horror trope pitfalls that plague films today. Jump scares that are so predictable and just not scary. A plot that brings up different issues vaguely but fails to focus on any of it. Above all, the worst offender is the ending.

The ending was heading in a decent direction before doing a fake out that made absolutely no sense. I could hear the theater become perplexed. After that, guess what? Another twist! Not only that but then it fades to black extremely abruptly. I don’t know how they came to this conclusion or what the artistic merit to it might have been but it was resoundingly awful. A mediocre horror film at best made infinitely worst by its ridiculously stupid ending.


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