The Grudge (2020)


The Grudge

2019 was a great year in film. The whole year had quality and there was some great stuff that came out in the tail end of the year. Now, in Hollywood, January is notorious for being a movie dump month. This is where the films which are known crap come out because the new year is a slow start in terms of box office and the films expected to fail are thrown out. Usually we get a bad horror film to start off. This year, that honor goes to the 2020 edition of The Grudge. It ticks all the boxes we expect in the worst of ways.

This film  is kind of like a soft reboot that probably still stays in the realm of the first two American films. The film is told inn different timelines about a house haunted by demonic spirits. Anyone, who steps foot into this house are haunted and plagued and eventually murdered because of these spirits. In the modern day a detective must find a way to break this vicious cycle, however she must learn the stories of the previous victims to find ways to get out of her curse.

The film has the most generic jump scares. First of all there is an over reliance on them which is all too common. You know when every scare will appear. The story is very boring. I don’t really care for The Grudge franchise as it is but this one just doesn’t retain anything interesting. I understand that this series likes to do the time jumps but I think this film was made worse from it. Its a little hard to follow at times and isn’t interesting enough with its characters to warrant its method of doing so.

I had zero expectations as it is and somehow it ended up to be worse than expected. The performances are fine but you can tell they were really trying to milk the last drop on a franchise that is essentially dead in the United States, much like they tried to do a few years back with The Ring. People are waking up to bad remakes/reboots, especially that in the horror genre. Now that’s out of the way lets get to the hopefully good stuff.


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