Black Christmas (2019)


Black Christmas

We live in an age where even remakes get remakes. That is the case with Black Christmas. I liked the original enough for an aged slasher from the 70s. Even the remake, which I re-watched a few years back was mildly entertaining. So I thought, another update while wildly unnecessary, would still be a good watch. Boy, was I wrong. This film is so boring and all around terrible that is very much so the worst movie I’ve seen in 2019.

The film is about a group of sorority sisters who want to bond over the holidays and also spend time to uncover the men in a local frat who have committed crimes against them. However, it turns out members of the sorority start getting murdered right after receiving texts from someone impersonating the controversial founder of the college that they attend. This film stars Imogen Poots, Cary Elwes, and a bunch of terrible actors no one cares about.

Not only is this film mind numbingly boring for an hour, its overbearing theme of modern feminist and touching on modern women v men issues completely takes away from anything the film wants to build up. It was so off putting, the dialogue ludicrously bad. I feel like this script was written by a high school student who likes to go to parties, and goes on Twitter to glaze over whatever people are outraged about.The acting is no good, although Poots tried her very best. The scares are so predictable, there’s no interest in who the killer is because I was so far removed from interested.

You can make a good film that is strong on feminsm without being so on the nose about it! These characters are all so shallow and blend into one another.Also, the plot gets so horrendously bad as it goes along holy cow. People at the cinema were audibly annoyed with the ridiculous writing. This is certainly the worst film I’ve seen all year and makes it predecessors look like absolute classics. Do yourself a favor, and don’t make the mistake of seeing this crap.


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