Ford v Ferrari (2019)


Ford v Ferrari

I love a good film based on historical events. I knew I had to see this in IMAX format as soon as I heard about it. I’m not the biggest gear head but I do know the talent of the cast involved and the director involved so I knew we would be getting something worth watching. Having seen this in IMAX now, I will say that this film needs to be seen in that type of high quality to feel the rush, intensity, and thrill of the races. This film is a bit long in the tooth but a great watch.

The film is about the real life events of Caroll Shelby working with Henry Ford the Second to build a fast race car that would beat the best Ferrari has to offer. Shelby has a limited time frame to work with and enlists the help of hot headed Ken Miles, an exceptional race car driver who is initially at odds with the Ford company. The film follows their bond and their progress as they not only build the car but go head to head with Ferrari during the 1966 Le Mans race.

The film’s racing sequences are some of the best in a car themed movie I have ever seen. Heightened by the theater experience everything was eye catching and intense. On top of that you have two extremely charismatic leads who do very well in their roles. The film also has humor here and there. Its a very interesting and inspiring story and you don’t have to be a car fanatic tot enjoy the film. James Mangold’s quality behind the camera shows with every detail captured.

My main complaint for the film comes from its running length. its a long 2 and a half hours and at times feels its length. I couldn’t help but think a good half an hour could have been left on the cutting room floor. Its a one time watch through and through but a great effort. I think the film will be up for some of the more technical aspect Academy Award nominations. If you are a film lover, you need to see what is arguably the best racing movie ever.


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