Midway (2019)



Say what you will about Roland Emmerich, he knows how to make a large scale action film, especially if its a disaster movie. The plot and story may not always be up to par with the popcorn action scenes are almost always there. That’s kind of what I expected with Midway, although the backdrop for this film is more fact based as it covers the infamous battle of Midway. The film is very long and the story is so dull. There’s very little emotional value behind the characters and there’s just too many packed in.

The film is based on the World War II Battle at Midway between American and Japanese soldiers. The event was a result of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor six months prior. The film follows key soldiers involved in the aerial and naval warfare that ultimately led to victory for the American Forces. The film has a plethora of actors in roles throughout the film, with Mandy Moore being the only notable female character?

There’s a large ensemble cast at hand here. You see actors and then they disappear. A lot of them don’t have good development and are there for their star power. Not sure if it was because the presentation of the story was dull or if the plot and characters just feel convoluted but I found myself checking the clock. Granted the wartime action is great to look at; something that never lets you down in Emmerich films is the action set pieces and its no different here.

I did like that Emmerich also focuses on the Japanese soldiers and not just as faceless enemies. There’s humanity to the characters which was a good touch, despite the American soldiers being very generic themselves. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot so its not like I was let down by this. You just kind of know what you are getting yourself into with films like these. Maybe the film needed a little cheese and relationship drama like that of Pearl Harbor because that film was infinitely more entertaining. This is a by the numbers, going through the motions film, with pretty action sequences.


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