Black and Blue (2019)

Black and Blue

I feel like Frank Grillo was just destined to play a villain in films. Its quite obvious that the film was going to have very ever present societal undertones as cops and acts against Black people is something that rears its head ever so often. I don’t care much for making comments on what a film is trying to say about society especially with a controversial stance. This film was a surprising one. Plenty of action and suspense that is held firmly in place by a great performance by Naomie Harris.

The film is about a rookie cop who goes on an assignment with a veteran officer. Things take a turn when she witnesses that officer involved in a shooting of a street peddler. This involvement shows the corruption within the police department on the body cam that the officer had on her during the crime. The corrupt officers now try to chase her down to get that body cam, even if it means killing her. She must escape from them and rely on people of the streets with brings forth  a series of complicated events.

I think Deon Taylor’s films have been mostly miss than hit recently. Mildly enjoyable but forgettable. I think this was his strongest effort to date. Its message gets muddled but its well acted and the action sequences are done well. The film is an entertaining thrilling chase. In that regard its a fun watch. Naomie Harris gets another chance to show off her talents and she grounds the film with a gripping authentic performance.The last act could have possibly been done better but I wasn’t that bothered by it.

When you strip away its stance on police brutality and its relationship to black lives mater, you have a well made corrupt cop thriller. Nothing to really write home about in that category but a solid venture. You get to see actors like Frank Grilo and Tyrese Gibson take on longer important roles. Black and blue won’t have a long lasting impact but take it for its entertainment value and you will have a good time.


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