Countdown (2019)



This looked like it came from the maker of Truth or Dare. A film about a group of young people who are being plagued by a haunted game of life or death. This month is the month where I’m always in the horror movie spirit, though this didn’t seem like that type of film that would cure that horror itch. This film was bland, predictable, cliched, and just flat out bad.

The film is about an app called “Countdown” which when downloaded onto your phone will tell you the exact moment when you will die. Some people have many years to live. For the protagonist of the film, she has only a few days an she must find a way to break the curse and defy her destined death. She pairs with another stranger who is in the exact same situation.

This film is cliched and just felt very generic. The scares are predictable, unoriginal, and come exactly when you would expect them. I actually like the idea for the film. We live in a modern digital age where phones and social media runs supreme, so in theory its a good idea for this film. However, its dull in many passages. Also, they stuffed in a sexual harassment angle that felt off place, most likely to address current modern movements. Also, a love story arc with the two leads that absolutely made no sense with the duration of screen time they had together.

Its just a mess of a film that is exactly what you expect. I kept checking my watch during the 90 minutes hoping for it to end as it is dull and the would be scares are so drawn out. We see these types of movies every year; a horror film that does nothing for its genre and just goes through motions we have seen before. You can completely avoid this film, which really felt like a countdown to when you gladly can leave the theater.


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