Gemini Man (2019)


Gemini Man

I want to start off by saying I think that Ang Lee is a talented filmmaker. Life of Pi was a life changing movie experience for me and I loved everything from the visuals to the wonderful story of that film. He’s had his misses as well for sure and from every angle of every trailer, Gemini Man looked like it was going to be a miss. I mean a plot about an assassin meeting a younger version of himself? It sounds like cookie cutter and unimaginative sci-fi. And that’s exactly what this film was. It was a very boring time to be hand despite the effects and technical aspects and a hardworking cast.

The film is about an assassin who is aging and contemplating retirement. While trying to put his mind at ease he finds out he is being gunned down by a dangerous assassin. Along with the help of a government agent he finds out that the man after him is a clone of himself and is a spitting image of his younger self. The assassin attempts to find answers as to how and why this clone is after him and how to put an end to the dangers that await him.

Ang Lee has always tried to revolutionize cinema most recently through camera work. Ill let you read about that all yourself as the technical aspects of the film would be explained poorly by me. The de-aging technology is great for the most part, not a whole lot of shoddiness with that or the action scenes. Apart from all that the plot of this film over-complicates itself and is an absolute bore. There is just no enjoyment or excitement in a film that should really be able to engage the audience.

Will Smith has been on a downward spiral for me in film. in recent years he’s been in some really bad films and this is one of them. Its hard to really care about anything that goes on in this snoozefest. Good action and effects are completely lost in a film that is written poorly. You can tell this one has been in development hell, I just found myself struggling to care about a furiously bad script. One of Ang Lee’s very worst.


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