Rambo: Last Blood (2019)


Rambo: Last Blood

I’m not the super biggest fan of the Rambo series. First Blood is clearly the best of the bunch and was quality, showing the emotional turmoil of a war veteran. From there the films just got more violent and violent. Last Blood kind of came out of nowhere, and also seemed like it was the last of the bunch. While this being the final installment is still up in the air, I wish it definitely was the end. The film turns the violence up a notch but is extremely ordinary and rather uninspiring.

The film shows an older John Rambo who lives on a farm with his niece. His niece is curious about meeting her estranged birth father so she unwisely decides to travel to Mexico. While there on a night out she finds herself kidnapped by the Mexican cartel with the intention of selling her into the sex trade. When Rambo hears of this he travels to Mexico to save his niece and make life for the gangsters very uncomfortable.

The film plot itself is something too familiar and is like something we’ve seen too much. You can look at the xenophobic trends of the film and compare it to the current political climate but I think that I don’t even need to comment on that to talk about how bad this film is. The plot moves so slowly in the beginning and is just unremarkable. The series quality has gone down and its just memorable now for its gore and violence. I have seen far more violent films in my time but this pleased the blood thirsty audience in the cinema.

While the action is somewhat fun to watch, the film reeks of tiredness and is out of ideas. Sly just looks way older now and I don’t want there to be another Rambo. Last Blood would be a poor way to close out the series but still I’d be happy if it ended it. However, I feel like Hollywood will try to churn out another one which will probably be even worse. Unremarkable and totally skippable.


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