Good Boys (2019)


Good Boys

I liked the R band trailer for this film. It was genuinely funny. Also, the fact that so much adult humor was coming from young kids who don’t know what all these adult things are, made it even funnier. This looked like Superbad but at a younger level and its still just as raunchy and profane as you would expect it to be. Good Boys was a fun time, its actually what you expect. Its a very adult themed coming of age film between three friends who have to deal with growing up.

The film is about three best friends who get invited to a “kissing party” at a popular kids house. The trio want to learn how to kiss so they use one of the kid’s fathers drone to spy on their neighbor who they believe is a good kisser. Things go haywire and the drone gets destroyed therefore the trio go on an adventure to get the drone replaced and make the party in time. Along the way they find out about growing up and trying to be more “adult” to please the cool kids. They also realize that growing up impinges on a friendship they thought would last forever.

I thought the film was as funny as the previews advertised. The trio of child actors are great and have good chemistry. Their delivery makes the film really work and the script matches the actor’s level of commitment. I, and many in the theater burst out laughing. It goes through the usual coming of age film motions so its not a very original effort. However, its a well made film in this genre and is something I feel can be revisited when needed because its watchable.

I think the biggest mystery amidst all this is how Jacob Tremblay never seems to age and how he looks the same age that he did in Room. There’s sweet messages below the profane and crude exterior, messages about friendship, growing up, and being yourself amidst peer pressure. The intentions of the film turn out to be great. I had fun with this and I get the feeling many else will as well.


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