Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019)


Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Before seeing the trailer, it kind of slipped my mind that they could ever make a live action Dora The Explorer film. Lo and behold it is here and real. A part of me wondered why I wanted to see this but against judgment I went ahead and watched it. What I watched was actually good and funny in doses but has moments and creative decisions that don’t work, however it’ll do what it needs to do to please the younger crowd or fans of the series.

The film is about Dora The Explorer, only she moves to the city and goes to high school. Adjusting is hard though she tries to be herself. Eventually she and her class mates find themselves captured by criminals who are looking to steal gold from the lost city of gold. Dora and company must find her parents and find a way to escape the crooks while also exploring the wonders that come with natural adventure.

The first thing that I quite disliked was the CG effects to create Boots and Swiper. They don’t blend in with the film at all and having Swiper be animatronic just didn’t mesh well with the film. The film gets pretty ridiculous and unrealistic with its magical elements so it became an afterthought soon after. I guess the thing I liked most about this effort is the fact that it is very self aware and pokes fun at many of the silly elements of the show, like the random singing and talking vocabulary at the camera.

The end product is a fairly funny but completely manufactured kids film adventure that does not bring much that is new to the table. It’ll do its job in entertaining the younger audience and isn’t too much of a chore to watch. I guess its a decent “turn your brain off if you are an adult” film that works mostly because of its self aware humor and the committed performance by Isabela Moner.



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