Child’s Play (2019)

Child’s Play

First off, I need to let everyone know what a huge Child’s Play/Chucky fan I am. I own three Good Guy dolls, the entire series of films and even t-shirt merchandise. I saw no purpose in a modern remake of Child’s Play, especially when the Brad Douriff voiced franchise was still making films and doing decent for itself. Still the fanboy in me was going to check it out, especially since I heard some decent things about it. I liked moment’s of this but didn’t feel it. I know we shouldn’t compare remakes and reboots with originals but this lacks what made the original Child’s Play so special.

The film is about a single mother and her son who bring a robotic Buddi doll into their house. The doll is a smart doll made by Kaslan Corporation, meaning the doll is able to control other appliances and is also operational via app. One doll is made without safety regulations by a disgruntled employee and Andy inherits this doll. He soon notices that the doll is off and also violent and extremely dangerous. Mark Hamill voices Chucky, which I thought was as good as a voice casting choice could get.

Lets first talk about the design of the new Buddi Chucky. He looks bizarre, sometimes the effects don’t look right. I can see how it could look off putting and creepy but to me it looked cartoonish and ugly.  The voice work by Hamill was fine. The film had a campy, dark humor tone which was fine. A psycho doll coming to life is a silly concept so its natural. It doesn’t use this well at many times. I wasn’t sure Aubrey Plaza was a great choice as the mother because she didn’t emote worry for her son’s well being as well as say Catherine Hicks did.

The film is much more violent than most of the Child’s Play films which makes for fun but it lacks the intensity or thrill of the original film. Also, having a more millennial and pitfalls of technology stand point kills the aura of the magical/voodoo nature of the original story. There’s not much that’s special about this doll or this film in all honesty. A forgettable reboot that just didn’t sit well with a die hard fan. I’ll hold out for the upcoming Child’s Pay series.


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