The Dead Don’t Die (2019)


The Dead Don’t Die

The trailer for this had me in stitches. A comedic zombie genre film with Adam Driver and Bill Murray delivering deadpan humor. Not to mention Tilda Swinton as a blade wielding woman with a hilarious accent. The idea of Jim Jarmusch penning the script for a zombie film was just something was just brilliant. Zombies… you know…ghouls. I’d say the film is mixed because of some plot points and pacing but it made me laugh out loud a few times.

This film is about a small town during a zombie uprising, caused by polar fracking and the tilting of the Earth’s axis. Yes, go figure how that works, I guess. The two main police officers respond to the call and must figure out how to stop the impending zombie attacks. The film is directed by Jim Jarmusch and mainly stars Adam Driver, Bill Murray, and Chloe Sevigny. There is a highly talented supporting cast at Jarmusch’s helm for this one with usual favorites like Iggy Pop mixed in.

The film moves at a snails pace at times which can be a little frustrating but is also the time to give screen time to its many many characters. Some of the side characters are more interesting than others. Not all the comedic moments but when they do its really funny. I absolutely loved the delivery and connection between Murray, Driver, and Sevigny. Tilda Swinton and her accent oh my god best thing ever. This is a semi bloody film but mostly dusty (you’ll get this when you see it). Its still a sharp film but doesn’t always thrill.

I was fairly irritated near the end with a certain reveal with the script followed by another crazy reveal. Felt like both were too out there and takes you out of the realm of what is established over an hour and a half. Still, you can tell Jarmusch and the cast had a lot of fun with this film. I can appreciate comedic spins on the tired zombie genre because what I’ve seen so far worked well. It doesn’t always blow you away but its a nifty little time killer.


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