Men in Black: International (2019)


Men in Black: International

I remember watching the original Men In Black as a kid. Maybe its the child in me talking but I liked the film. The sequel was good enough, and even III had its moments despite not really needing to exist. When I saw the trailer for International, I thought it genuinely looked bad. The idea of a new cast and a bit of a re-imagining of sorts is good but not for this franchise. You can tell this film is labored just from the trailer. MIB: International is about as average and forgettable as they get and is the worst in the series for me.

The film follows Molly, a woman who was obsessed with finding out more about the Men in Black and then becomes a probationary agent along with the help of Agent H. There are recent attacks occurring around the globe and the pair must band together to put an end to it and uncover the mystery it carries. Thor: Ragnarok costars Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth star in this, along with the voice of Kumail Nanijiani, Liam Neeson, and a criminally underused Emma Thompson. F. Gary Gray, who is an otherwise solid filmmaker took the reigns for this.

Best part of this film are Hemsworth and Thompson and the chemistry they possess. Outside of that the film, is boring and forgettable. I feel like the plot is incredibly stale and not worthy of being adapted for the big screen. If there was ever any magic in this franchise you definitely cannot see it here. The effects don’t look very good, the humor in it feels like it was written by a fifth grader, and there’s just a general lack of interest in what’s going on.

I didn’t expect a whole lot with this film but my fears from the trailer were basically confirmed. Listen, this film feels like it should have came out a decade or two ago. It just feels like such a forgettable summer blockbuster. I felt like I was watching something in the universe of R.I.P.D. and not MIB. This effort is proof that some almost forgotten franchises do not need to be dug up when its better to leave it in the past. Between Dark Phoenix and this, this month is already full of films that are stinking bad.



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