Dark Phoenix (2019)


Dark Phoenix

I, like most, feel like the X-Men film series is a mixed back. I really like X2: X-Men United and the first two in the new class prequel series. The trailer for Dark Phoenix didn’t install me with a whole lot of confidence for this final film in the Fox X-Men franchise. For one, I don’t really rate Sophie Turner as an actress. Two, this was all done before in X-Men: The Last Stand, although it was fairly terrible then. Still, I decided to give this film a fair chance despite hearing some not so very kind things from various media outlets. I have to be honest its as bad as its rumored to be and a complete afterthought in my mind. What a way to close out the series.

Taking place in 1992, Professor Xavier’s X-Men go into space to save a space crew. During the rescue Jean Grey comes into contact with an immensely mysterious stellar force, which she absorbs. Soon her behavior changes as she comes to grips with her superior and unearthly power. She must come to terms with the dangers of her power and how easy it is to hurt the ones that she loves. Most of the cast of this prequel X-Men series return, including James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence.

I liked X-Men: Apocalypse although the reviews were mixed.  Dark Phoenix was ten times worse. This film is slow, plodding, and boring. Despite the power and absolute destruction that Jean Grey can cause, this film feels so inconsequential and feels like the stakes are at an all time low. Talent like Fassbender and Lawrence get lost in the shuffle, either through their own disconnect with the film or the script just focusing on all the wrong things.Its just feels so detached and poor compared to what we’ve been seeing in this series. The timeline in this series is so messed up, its just  a train wreck. The final battle in this film was also completely forgettable. Its meant to be such a heavy handed topic in this universe but its so emotionless and soulless.

How can a big budget comic blockbuster go so wrong? You can tell newbie director Simon Kinberg couldn’t make it mesh and what we got was a forgettable mess. Its a shame that this universe goes out with such a whimper. I would say this is actually worse than X-Men: The Last Stand, which I didn’t think I would say. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this heap of terrible but if you’re like me wanting to see how they close out this series, you will go and see it. Just don’t expect anything resembling satisfying closure.


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