Booksmart (2019)



I may have just found my favorite film of 2019. I loved this from start to finish. It was like a gender reversed but much superior version of Superbad. When I heard that Olivia Wilde was directing this, I soon realized why Jason Sudeikis was attached. No seriously, the trailer for this looked amazing and I was expecting a raucous good time. It is everything you expected and much more. I feel like I can go on and on about everything I liked about this but I’ll try to contain my excitement.

The film is about two very studious high school seniors who have successful college and career ambitions lined up. They realize that all the slackers of their year also got into prestigious colleges and thus feel like they need to party and break some rules before they graduate from high school. The film follows the pair on their night of debauchery and mischief while highlighting their longing for love and the tests to their friendship. The film stars Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein.

There are three aspects of the film that deserve high praise. First up the soundtrack. Every piece of sonic goodness used in the film is spectacular and fits the moments int he film to a tee. Second, the lively and hilarious screenplay at work. Its a fresh coming of age/teenage partying story. As mentioned earlier, its a lot like Superbad but way better. Lastly, the chemistry between Dever and Feldstein is off the charts. Its like they grew up together. Dever I know from her stint on Justified, so I was glad to see her in a leading role here. Feldstein was great in Ladybird (which I also loved), Feldstein is absolutely mesmerizing in her role.

This film is funny almost everywhere. Hardly any dull moments. It just feels so real; from the close friendship of the girls to the high school “stereotypes” if you will. Shout out to Billie Lourd who thrives in the role she was pretty much always born to play. I left the cinema with a big smile on my face and a longing to see the film again. We are about halfway done with the year and I can already see this as being one of the personal standouts of the year for me. Well done, all around.



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