Brightburn (2019)



So, its like Superman gone wrong. I think the trailer for this really was a standout because of its portrayal of a “special” boy with powers  and his adopted parents. We soon start to see that this boy is actually terrorizing people with his superpowers instead of using it to help people. I like that the film is a different take on the ever popular superhero genre. There are things I like about this film but also parts that did not work for me.

The film is about an alien boy who crashes into a farm in the hands of a couple who have been trying to conceive for quite some time. Overtime the boy, initially seeming like a normal but awkward kid, becomes a psychotic and a purely evil being that goes on a murdering rampage. His parent’s start to realize the abnormalities of their son and must come to terms with the horrors that their son is causing. The film is offered by the cousins of James Gunn, of Guardians of the Galaxy fame.

I liked the concept of a superhero gone terribly wrong. The creative costume of Brandon Breyer and the true nature of evil was a very interesting thought. Side note, I really liked the use of the score in this film. It is at times a hopeful score, almost making it seem like Brandon is a good and misunderstood boy despite him being evil incarnate. I didn’t like the stupidity of the parents, mainly Elizabeth Banks’ character who wasn’t written very well. If you don’t like violent horror films this isn’t for you, its a very R-Rated feature.

Its brutal and grotesque and dark. I can appreciate that but didn’t like much of the resolution of this film. The concept is great but I do feel like it needed to and could have been better. Still, I’ll applaud the fact that this is an original feature despite being influenced by the superhero genre. Parts of it work but just felt like this looked more promising than what was presented.


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