Poms (2019)



Diane Keaton is always fantastic in any project she’s involved in. Even in this stage in her career. I liked Book Club from last year and felt like Poms was in the same category. A film about older woman being funny and bonding with one another over an activity. Its a new genre of film, really. I wanted to see Poms because it looked like a simple fun way to kill time. It still managed to exceed my expectations. This is a fun 90 minutes at the cinema, filled with laughs and all around sweetness.

The film is about a woman with cancer, who moves into a retirement community. In the beginning she is closed off and not excited but they she begins to pursue a passion of her past: cheerleading. She recruits 7 other elderly friends and soon they go from doing cheerleading for fun, to entering professional competitions. The woman begins to understand and revel in the bond she has with these women while also learning the importance of living your life now.

Diane Keaton and especially Jackie Weaver are fabulous in this film. The women are generally all lovable and have quirks to them that make them funny. Admittedly, the script is simple and often unremarkable but the characters excel in bringing the film to life. Side note, Alisha Boe is very attractive and a joy to behold on the screen but I felt like she was pretty bad in this film. It doesn’t require a lot and is just a minor point.

The film isn’t really about the cheerleading competition. Its not a film about the activity like Bring It On. This is more so a backdrop for the development of the womanhood and the bond between the characters. The film is sweet and cute and funny for a good amount of time. Its basically nice harmless fun, which is necessary especially in an action packed month full of blockbusters.


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