Detective Pikachu (2019)


Detective Pikachu

I think we all were collectively bewildered when the trailer for this film came out. A live action Pokemon film is something I would have expected years ago, when Pokemon was really at its height. Nonetheless, it came out and featured a talking Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds. I know enough about Pokemon from the youth and watched the first few series with the original 150 Pokemon so I thought this would be a good watch. I thought it was ambitious and nice to see the all these little fuzzy creatures come to live but its a very standard affair plot-wise and feels slow.

The film is about a young man who questions the “death” of his father. His father was a detective and the circumstances of his disappearance are mysterious. he befriends a Pikachu, who only he can hear talk. In a city where Pokemon and humans co-exist in daily life there is trouble brewing with a mysterious and supremely powerful Mewtwo running amok. I was surprised that the film included Mewtwo. I do love the first Pokemon movie so when the trailer revealed Mewtwo I knew I wanted to see it.

The live action depictions of the Pokemon are generally great (needed more Squirtle though). I wish some of the more familiar and popular Pokemon from the show featured more often but it was a decent job done visually and an ambitious idea indeed. Rob Letterman means well trying to bring another fan favorite childhood franchise to life (much like Goosebumps) but like with that film the story doesn’t hit at all times. The main character played by Justice Smith is generic to the core and not someone I found interesting. I’d say Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu does a great deal of carrying as far as the film is concerned.

The plot is dull and slow at times and the way it progresses just goes from a cliched nature to transpiring un-entertaining events. In a world as lively as Ryme City the plot doesn’t match what the film could have accomplished. Its really not a bad film but I think with the expectations and the concept, the film could have just gone above and beyond what we actually got. I’m sure a franchise is on its way but I do hope for better in future installments.


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