The Hustle (2019)


The Hustle

I saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels within the last year and immediately thought that The Hustle trailer looked very similar. Until I realized it actually was a gender swapped remake. Rebel Wilson is fairly hit or miss for me. I think Fat Amy is the worst part of the Pitch Perfect series. However, I liked Wilson in Isn’t it Romantic earlier this year. I like Anne Hathaway in almost everything and it was meant even more knowing that she’d be doing accents in this film. I thought some of the writing is messy at times and the humor is inconsistent but the chemistry between the leading ladies drives the film.

The film is about a small time con woman who comes to path with a career con artist who is much more successful. They are at odds with each other as they realize they have to compete with each other. Both are interested in taking money from a young aloof tech developer and will lie and do whatever they can to get their cash. The film also stars Alex Sharp, who for the longest time looked so familiar until just now where I remembered he was in How to Talk to Girls At Parties.

Anne Hathaway excels in this role. Elegant, sexy, and comically ruthless. She and Rebel Wilson play off each other very well. I liked Rebel for the most part but I feel Rebel gets let down by the material at times. The best segments where when Rebel was pretending to be blind and Hathaway’s character was putting her “blindness” to the test. There are a few laugh out loud funny moments but its not a consistently funny film. I also feel like the plot isn’t always present and when it is it feels rushed or like it could have been written better.

You get what you came for with The Hustle. You aren’t here to see something completely amazing. You do get a competent comedy with two leading ladies who bring their A game in a film that does a nice re-imagining and revision of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. All I know is that I want to see Anne Hathaway doing more comedies of the sort. I notice a trend of women led remakes of old films like Ghostbusters, Oceans 8 and What Men Want. I have no issues if the film is good.


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