Hellboy (2019)



I think most people would have preferred a third film in the Guillermo del Toro directed Hellboy series but we can’t always get what we want. Even then I think they could have just continued on the series but a reboot it was with Neil Marshall at the helm. Marshall made waves with The Descent but hasn’t really done a lot of note since then. While I don’t think this film is as bad as people have been saying, its still not very good and pales in comparison to its predecessors which were able to do it better.

The film shows our favorite half demon, hornless superhero fighting forces of the underworld. An ancient sorceress returns and wrecks havoc after being locked away and Hellboy recruits a team of companions to stop her before the world is taken over by her forces of evil. Ian McShane who is ever excellent also co stars. My favorite part is the inclusion of Sasha Lane who I loved in American Honey. I hope to see her in much more in the future.

The film looks nice most of the times. Its much more bloody than its earlier entries which may please fans. Some of the monsters, especially the ones towards the end have nice unique designs and feel and look terrifying in all honesty. Then again we have the morphing into a CGI jaguar which looks appallingly bad. I’d say overall the design for characters is good but sometimes the effects are bad. I don’t mind the comic relief or David Harbour as Hellboy but the story has too many set pieces which causes a loss of interest.

The film lacks the magic and mysticism of the universe that del Toro created. The film feels soulless at times and doesn’t excel at making an impact. I also have King Arthur/Excalibur fatigue, especially because Kid Who Would Be King just came out. Overall, I can see the effort made by Marshall but this reboot may not have been necessary. I don’t know the comics or this universe well enough to understand what the post credit scenes meant as well.



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