Pet Sematary (2019)


Pet Sematary

I really have to admit that I got roped in with the trailers for this film. It looked like it would be a more substantial horror update of a sometimes campy first film and it was one of the few remakes that I wanted to see. Also, look at that cute little undead cat. I always told myself that if it came down to evil cats terrorizing us, I’d be the first to die because I’d go and try to pet it. Unfortunately, this film as a disappointment, has a slow build, and completely ruins itself in the last 30 or so minutes.

The film is about a family that recently move to a new house that is located near a et cemetery. One day the family cat gets run over by a truck and, the patriarch of thee family (along with the help of a neighbor) bury the cat beyond the pet cemetery. The cat returns to the family although it is not the same cat and is more violent. In the same way the family suffers another tragedy and think about using the unknown power of the place beyond the cemetery to blur the lines of life and death. The film stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, and Amy Seimetz.

The film has a slow build. Yet, there is barely any real exploration or explanation of the mythos surrounding the power of the burial ground. The characters are not developed very well and are weak. I’m looking at Seimetz’s character, wow she just wasn’t able to do anything was she? It was nice to see the undead family cat Church, he turned out to be one of the few highlights of a film that just gets tired and questionable as it goes along. The quality of the film drops completely once the accident occurs and it turns into a generic mess of a film.

Sometimes dead is better. Sometimes remade is better. In this case, remade is only slightly better and was not worth the effort. Its a poor adaptation that makes me never want to check out the book by Stephen King. There are things going on in this film that add no relevance to the plot. When the credits rolled I was super disappointed by the film and struggled to really pull at things about it that I liked. This effort is a dud with the only really highlight being the awesome evil cat.


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