Dumbo (2019)



Disney live action remakes are somehow all the rage now. There are four that are coming out this year alone! Dumbo is the first to come to the big screen. I haven’t seen the original because lets face it, a flying elephant with big ears isn’t exactly something I’m jumping for. I kind of knew I wouldn’t like this but I try to always go in with an open mind, and I like to think Tim Burton can pull a good one every now and then. Nope, nothing to see here.

The film is about a circus elephant with big ears. Initially ridiculed and deemed worthless, it is soon discovered that Dumbo the elephant can actually fly when a feather is presented. He soon becomes a sensation but crooked carnival owners are intending to hurt his birth mother. It is up to a family performing in the circus to assist Dumbo and make sure no harm comes to his family. Tim Burton reunites with Eva Green again here. I’ll watch anything with Eva.

The film often has a nice Burton-esque look and feel to it but that’s not nearly enough to save this film. Facing facts, this film is just boring. Parts of the film, mostly witht Dumbo flying around, is fun to watch. Overall though, the film feels so padded and stretched out. It did not need to be a near two hours long. It falls flat at many points and is perhaps the weakest live action Disney remake to date.

The performances and visuals are ever present but the film lacks heart and just feels like its going through the motions. To me, this also felt like a dated affair. In 2019 I don’t care for flying circus elephants (I haven’t ever though to be honest). This may make for good family fun, for me though this was unnecessary and goes to show that Disney needs to pick and choose what to make a live remake of.


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