Us (2019)



Jordan Peele rocked the world when he made Get Out a few years back. A film that garnered major buzz and even made some waves at the Oscars. I’ve always been a big fan of Peele and loved Key and Peele. Like most I was very excited for Us. The trailers for the film made it look like a straight up twisted horror film from the mind of a very creative individual. I liked most parts of the film but feel slightly disappointed with other parts. I feel like there are ideas in the film that are not fully developed and could have used more work.

The film is about a family that go to a vacation home. The matriarch of the family suffered trauma at a beach when she was younger and is hesitant to go there with her family. One night their home is broken into by a family, who they soon realize are their doppelgangers. These doppelgangers are more twisted versions of themselves with the intent to harm the family. The family try their best to survive while also figuring how something like this could happen. The film stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, with Elisabeth Moss in a supporting role.

The soundtrack of the film is good. Don’t mind some head bopping to the Beach Boys and N.W.A. The film is shot very well. Peele has mastered a real thrilling suspense element to his work which keeps you engorged with what might happen next. I felt like the story and themes of the film are undercooked which lead to a lower rating for me. Its acted extremely well by Lupita and is an interesting concept that needed more explanation than what was given. You can tell Peele has a creativity and a penchant for this genre but just felt like the script and main ideas could have been fine tuned.

This will offer a decent theater experience but doesn’t resonate as well as Get Out did. Social class themes are examined in this film, much like race was in Get Out but Us doesn’t hit the profound note that Get Out did. Its never really scary but has thrilling and comedic moments which make it a fun time at the cinema. I just wanted more from this. It’s a film that had the potential to be outstanding but falls short despite being a fairly pleasing experience.


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