Five Feet Apart (2019)


Five Feet Apart

I feel this time of year we usually get a teen romantic film. Last year we got Love, Simon around this time. That film was actually pretty solid. Had to kind of role my eyes at this when I saw the trailer but I ended up watching it to learn more about people with cystic fibrosis and how the disease effects their everyday functioning. I was into the first hour of this film but some of the character decision making and hammy romantic elements ruin the latter portion of a film. A film that is truly anchored by its Haley Lu Richardson’s performance.

The film is about two people at a hospital with cystic fibrosis. The disease is so dangerous if you already have the disease so co carriers need to stay six feet apart, as to not infect each other with bacteria. The two strike up a romance and learn about each other and what how the disease and the idea of dying impacts their lives. They learn to love each other but cannot even touch each other which makes things difficult. The film also co stars Cole Sprouse of Riverdale fame.

This film isn’t very good. Haley Lu Richardson’s performance is really good though. I noticed a bit of her talent first in The Edge of Seventeen but this is the first time I got to see her take a leading role. I also found it interesting to learn a bit more about a disease that I had previously only known of in name. The film goes through the motions after a while and some of the plot points are predictable. Believe it or not the film could have ended respectfully had it not gone down a terribly cringe route.

I know its a movie but the characters going against logic at times was hard to ignore. They place themselves in a dumb situation which leads to some of the most hammy romantic dialogue and moments that made the theater laugh. Yeah, that’s not good for a film that’s trying to be serious. Its not something you need to see unless yo are really curious and want to sit through a subpar and inferior version of The Fault in Our Stars.



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