Wonder Park (2019)


Wonder Park

Recently my Sinemia membership got cancelled which was really annoying. Its unrelated to this review but just thought I’d get that out of the way. This was by no means anything I wanted to see (without being an A-List member). There’s far better looking animated features coming out later this year. As expected, this film will please its younger viewers because of the vibrant colors and relentless animation but its a fairly boring picture all around.

The film is about a little girl named June, who invents an imaginary theme park called “Wonderland” with the help of her mom. The park is run by talking animals. When her mother has a health scare, she loses interest and destroys the model and desire to think of Wonderland. Soon she finds out that this world is really real and she must help the animals find a way to get out of the darkness and save the park. The film is produced by Nickelodeon Studios.

The animation in this film is excellent. There is so much going on in each scene and the wonder park actually looks amazing. Its colorful and a ball of energy so this will entice the younger viewers. However, us older folk whoa are looking for a semblance of a story will be quite disappointed. The story is super dull, the humor is so bad and borders on cringe. Its just so painfully unfunny.

I’m not the biggest fan of animated features admittedly, but I can recognize when a quality film comes around. Animated films need to be funny and have a good plot. I don’t mind heavy handed emotion, it works at times (see Inside Out). This film fails to even utilize that properly. Didn’t think much of this film. I think I should have checked something else out. The young ones will love it but if you want quality look elsewhere.


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