Gloria Bell (2019)


Gloria Bell

I am not familiar with the original Gloria, directed by the same filmmaker, Sebastian Lelio. However, I’m a fan of what I’ve seen from Lelio. Liked Disobedience quite a bit, hard not to love a film with a forbidden love affair between Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz at the forefront. A Fantastic Woman was also a really engrossing effort, with all eyes on leading star Daniela Vega. Here we have a film about Julianne Moore living her life and having fun each step of the way. Sold.

The film follows the life of Gloria Bell. She tries to remain chipper and upbeat even when she experiences trouble with her family and a newfound love in her life. According to her she would go down dancing should the world ever end. We see Gloria primarily trying to find love but its difficult when she puts herself out there but has to deal with the troubles the man brings. The film also stars Michael Cera and John Turturro.

This film lives and dies with Julianne Moore in her performance as Gloria Bell. Everything you see and feel is through her character. She absolutely embodies the character entirely. Shes great in it. You can tell that Moore is having the time of her life being Gloria. The film resonates because it shows a person who keeps busy in her later years but still finds the need to go out and find love. She’s living the common struggles of people these days.

I have no note of comparison as I have not seen the original but you get a strongly portrayed female lead, who is living it up in the modern world. Its a very realistic portrayal of a character that you may know in your everyday life. Its a mostly happy and free spirited comic work by Lelio a bit of a change of pace from what I’ve seen from him but a worthy watch.


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