A Madea Family Funeral (2019)


A Madea Family Funeral

So the Tyler Perry Madea based films are finally coming to an end with this final chapter. For me, Madea is a hit or miss character and I find the earlier films she was involved in to be better quality. I actually kind of do not remember the characters outside of Madea, Joe. The core family, I can’t remember these characters from the other films. Regardless, the film was fairly easy to follow otherwise. I’ll just say if you aren’t already a fan of Madea films, you won’t enjoy this.

The film is about a family get together to celebrate an anniversary which quickly turns into a gathering for a funeral and wake. The circumstances of the characters death revolve around infidelity. In fact, there are a lot of family secrets of infidelity that are in danger of being aired by loose lipped family members. Of course, Madea and crew bring comedy and their regular loud shenanigans as well.

My first note was Aeriel Miranda was fine as hell. Wasn’t like that on Pretty Little Liars. I’m kind of glad that the Madea character is being retired in film because the films got a little long in the tooth as years went by. I think this was a fairly good send off for this series of films. Some scenes are overlong, especially the one in the church but other stuff works. I’d say the physical humor really worked. The gang being pulled over was also a highlight in a rather uneven film.

The comedy is rather hit or miss here. Some parts were quite funny, mostly through Madea’s delivery. A lot of the family emotional moments feel forced and aren’t acted as well. Overall, its what you get with this type of film. A mixed bag. If you enjoy the characters and their comedic delivery you won’t be let down. Otherwise, I don’t know if you’ll like it.


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