Greta (2019)



Hey, this looked like dumb fun. Isabelle Hupert as a crazy older stalker? Sign me up. The trailer looked decent until it did the crazy reveal and you realize Hupert’s character might be a psycho. As soon as I saw found out Maika Monroe was in this, this became an instant theater watch. Love her so much, like to the point where I think I’m in love. Well regardless lets keep it professional. This film is bonkers, frustratingly entertaining, ad incredibly dumb but it is a damn good entertaining time.

Frances (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a purse on the train and then goes to the house of an elderly French Women named Greta’s (Isabelle Hupert) house. She befriends the woman, until she soon finds out that Greta planted the bag on the train purposefully in hopes of finding a girl like Frances as a companion. Soon we get a thriller of a stalker who is not who see seems to be and things get very dangerous. The film is directed by Neil Jordan, who created a show that I enjoyed quite a bit in The Borgias. Also, most importantly Maika Monroe does hot yoga!

The film is aware of how cheesy and dumb it is, I think. Its well acted by its two leads that bring the fun at all turns. Some of the character decisions are so frustrating but hey, it was needed for the film to work. Most parts of the film work and you just want the heroes of the film to win. Hupert needs to be in more films, she’s just great in this. Stalker films work especially when they keep the twists and turns coming.

I mean, almost at every turn of the film you feel like things could have been done differently but it will have you yelling at the screen at the characters. Is this film quality? Absolutely not. Take it for what it is and that is a cheesy psycho thriller that just keeps the popcorn thrills coming all the way through.


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