What Men Want (2019)


What Men Want

I saw What Women Want so long ago but remember enjoying it. its a power we all want. To get inside the mind of the opposite sex and learn what they are thinking about. I know I’d like that gift. Well anyways, the film was remade with a spin on the gender. No Mel Gibson this time as Taraji P. Henson takes the lead. The funny moments are sparse and there really aren’t that many. There are things to like about the film but overall it felt like a mediocre mixed bag.

The film is about a very successful sports agent who gets turned down for the partner promotion that she deserves. After a drunken night and a session with a physic, she discovers she can hear the thoughts of every man. She uses this to her advantage to sign a talented client and also to get ahead in her love life. She soon realizes the downfalls of having that much power as well. The film stars Taraji Henson, Tracy Morgan,  and Josh Brener.

I don’t mind a modern retelling with the gender swap but I just wish the film was more funny than it was. The film gets too focused on the business aspect of Taraji’s Ali signing the client that it forgets to take itself lightly. There are also passages in the film that aren’t very interesting unfortunately. Taraji does the best she can with what shes given but the film just feels like it loses steam once she starts gaining and utilizing her power which is a shame.

The film is just a mediocre and non memorable film unfortunately. The original has a lot more going for it and just works better in every way. This isn’t really worth a watch so you can go ahead and skip it.


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