Miss Bala (2019)


Miss Bala

So, I understand that this is a remake of the Mexican film of the same name but boy does this film deserve the worst name of a film in 2019 award. Still, I was hoping for a remotely decent film. I haven’t really seen Gina Rodriguez in anything so I didn’t really have high hopes. Catherine Hardwicke is also not a very good filmmaker so there’s that. I found this film unintentionally hilarious at times, it was hard to take it serious. I guess it has entertainment value but it wasn’t very good.

The film is about an American who is taken by a Mexican crime organization after getting mixed up with them after a night at a nightclub. Her best friend is also kidnapped and she must cooperate with the gang to not only ensure her own survival but also to find the whereabouts of her friend. She also attempts to become a mole with the DEA in hopes for help. The film obviously stars Gina Rodriguez and also Anthony Mackie appears from out of nowhere.

I understand why Gina was cast here. You need a kind of harmless looking girl to start off so she can be built into this cool assassin type character. I get that, however unrealistic it felt (especially at the very end, oh man it was so stupid). Parts of the film did make me laugh because it felt comedic even though it wasn’t meant to be. Overall, there’s a decent bit of shooting and a lot of awkward pseudo sexual moments.

I kind of do want to check out the original Miss Bala as I’m sure that that is a better film. I guess Hardwicke tries to adapt it for the U.S. but its just stale, unrealistic, and not as good as it thinks to be or could have been. The positive to take from this is that Gina Rodriguez should be able to step up to the film business whenever she chooses to do so. Also, the trailer for this film also sucked. A case of judge the book by its cover because its accurate.



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