Serenity (2019)



Didn’t hear about this one until mid week which was odd, as it has good star power in it. Matthew McConaughy, Anne Hathaway, Jason Clarke? Surprised at the lack of promotion. Went into this without really knowing a lot which can be a good thing with expectations but this film was trash. I was literally rolling my eyes at this film and how the writer of it must have thought that they were being clever with the twists that made no sense and were seen a mile away.

The film is about a fisherman who encounters a woman and her abusive husband. The husband wants to sail out and catch big game and his drinking problem causes him to be abusive and abrasive. The fisherman and the woman actually know each other and have had a previous relationship. The duo plan to kill her husband and stage the murder as a fishing accident gone awry. There’s more to this plot that I cannot get into without revealing the stupid twist.

The film takes a while to gain steam or make you care about its characters. I wonder why the duo of Hathaway and McConaughey accepted the offer to be in this. Its just messy all around and thinks its way more clever than it actually is. The twist is obvious and even then its written in a way that makes it unclear of what its trying to do. Just an all around mess that is actually unintentionally funny.

So now I can see why this film didn’t get any promotion. Its pretty terrible and the twist ruin an already bad film and just make it worse. Locke was really good so its surprising how bad Steven Knight’s follow up to that film is. Yeah, not recommending this one unless you want to roll your eyes and join the stupidity it brings.


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