Fyre (2019)



I think most of us that are up to date on trendy media news heard about this disastrous festival that “took place” in 2017. Was especially looking forward to this film. I did see Hulu’s documentary on the same festival which was oddly released during the same week. The Hulu documentary is decent, but I think this one on Netflix covers the matter in a more stronger manner. I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. Its insane how far this faux festival went all because of social media influencers.

The documentary gives a background of Billy McFarland, an entrepreneur of a brand of credit card called Magnises who comes up with the idea of a luxury musical festival on a serene island in the Bahamas with gourmet food and villas for concert goers. However, the festival was a disaster. There was no money to fund the event, the promotional video was filled with lies. Customers were housed in disaster relief tents that were destroyed from the downpour the day before, there was a severe shortage of toilets, showers. Basically most of what was promised did not take place, and all the musical acts cancelled.

Its a bit comedic. I mean, come on. Rich kids spending an obscene amount of money on a music festival and then having to deal with conditions they did not expect. However, its still a really awful and scary thing that this was able to get to where it did. McFarland has a charming an energetic demeanor but he is a con artist through and through. He can’t even explain the extent of the crimes he committed, which you get a grasp of if you watch both documentaries. Also, why in the world would anyone believe Ja Rule in this day and age? My dude spent years in prison for gun charges and tax evasion.

The film shows you the depth of how social media impacts the lives of millennials. All it takes is for popular supermodels to promote an event which they knew nothing about and boom the recipe for a disastrous event occurs. This is a very enjoyable look into the aspects and people involved in the process of people trying to make this impossible festival look and the aftermaths of the disaster.


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