The Upside (2019)


The Upside

I’ve heard of The Intouchables for years but only after I finished watching The Upside did I realize that this film was an American remake of that film. I wanted to see this because I’m a fan of the two leads. Yes I’ve said it, I like Kevin Hart and feel like his films are often entertaining and has enough comedy in it to make it enjoyable. He does play a similar role in almost all of his films but I’m actually not tired of that shtick yet. Here’s another film of 2019 where I’m like screw the haters I had fun with this film.

The film (which is based on a true story) is about a rich paraplegic who hires the most under-qualified person to be his caretaker. The man he hires is a former convict on parole who needs to show his officer that he is attempting to find work, who also happens to want to rekindle his relationship with his son. The two begin to bond in the most unlikely of ways and realize the differences in their personalities is what makes them friends.

Sure, the film is formulaic and is somewhat predictable but I really enjoyed the pairing of Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. The film does what it needs to do; its funny in many parts and has enough drama and heart to push it through its 2+ hour running length. I have nothing to compare it too since I have not seen the French film on which this is based on but I can’t pretend to hate it because its too much fun.

This is a light hearted dramedy that will entertain you unless you feel the need to compare it to its original source or pick it apart. There’s nothing super incredible or profoundly inspiring at work. This is a buddy film of two unlikely characters coming together and its just fine as that. This year is already two for two for me which is kind of unprecedented.



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