On The Basis of Sex (2018)


On The Basis of Sex

A little earlier this year we got a pretty good documentary of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Not too long ago I found out that RBG was receiving a biopic starring Felicity Jones. Being in New York had its perks and I got to see an early screening of this film. I think its well acted and certainly a film based on a very inspirational and important figure in American history.  However, I don’t think the film lives up to the inspiration of its character, and spends too much time playing out like a generic court drama.

The film is about the life of young Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Almost immediately in her studies she faces a lot of difficulty moving up in the field of law, because of her gender. She strives hard for what she believes in and eventually goes to court to show that gender inequality exists and discrimination is often ignored in the Constitution. Along with Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer and Justin Theroux star in this film. I’ve never seen anything by Mimi Leder prior to this, but I’m not in a rush to check out her filmography.

The film is well acted, Jones is great in this and deserves to show off her skills in more works that are attuned to her skills. Unfortunately, the film is not as interesting as it deserves to be. Its a very by the books court room drama, and even a generic biopic. The documentary on Ginsburg does a much better job of encompassing why we should pay attention to her life and honor her for what she has accomplished. The film certainly has important subject matter but felt too dreary and too into a case that doesn’t really captivate its viewers.

I wish this was a better film because I had better hopes for how it would fare. Its by no means a bad effort, but I just felt like with the cast and subject at hand the script needed to be something that provoked the mind a little better than this did. I can see a lot of people liking this and that’s completely fine. I just wanted to get a real revolutionary film to match with its leading trailblazer.


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