Anna and the Apocalypse (2018)


Anna and the Apocalypse

This is certainly something that wasn’t on my radar this year. A Christmas themed zombie musical? Okay. Still I’m willing to watch anything really because of my love for film. And also because I’m virtually paying nothing for it being an AMC Stubs member. With catch songs, stupidly funny set up, and overall interesting characters and enjoyable zombie violence, Anna and the Apocalypse hits all the right notes.

The film is about a girl named Anna who is unclear about her future and her other school friends. As they prepare for a Christmas themed play they and all around them in their town fall prey to an unsuspected zombie attack. The film follows usual zombie lore, once bitten the victim turns. Also, of course the film is a musical so we get songs at very random moments in the film.

The songs are catchy and great. They are stupid and corny, as what would be expected with the lyrics and the comedic tone of the film. They are very welcome though. I like when “horror” movies can instill a comedic element, especially with something done to death like zombies. The zombie action was good and fun to watch. The characters are fairly enjoyable which makes the film have enjoyable value.

I found the combination of the holiday theme, zombies, and musical to be original and it felt like it when watching the film. The film does have a weaker second half as it pull its best material in the first half but still as a whole I’m not mad at all with this. It came out of nowhere and impressed me, there isn’t much more I could ask for from this film.


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