Under The Silver Lake (2018)


Under The Silver Lake

It Follows was a film that I truly loved for its substance, style, score, and themes. It was a really good work and showed that horror films could be intensely entertaining without the jump scares. We were all awaiting what David Robert Mitchell would do next. The trailer for Under The Silver Lake looked good, like a neo-noir that would be stylish and memorable. The film’s release kept getting pushed back and now we have a 2019 release. After watching I’ll say the film has its moments and is nice to look at as it captures that chill California feel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t compare to the innovation that It Follows delivered.

The film is about a young slacker who notices that he has a beautiful neighbor. He spends a night bonding with her and then finds out that she has disappeared without a trace. He finds clues that lead him to various parties and events all around town and then starts to realize that the circumstances of her disappearance are deeper than he had originally thought they were. The film stars Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough.

You can see the presence of David Robert Mitchell. The film is nice and bright and uses its atmosphere and location to set its mood. As a neo noir set in modern day Los Angeles the film looks the part and has the beautiful people and sex to go with it. The film does suffer from being a bit too long and slow with the next passage not being as interesting as the last. Its by no means a bad film it just doesn’t capitalize on the precedent set by It Follows.

Maybe the film needed a bit of Maika Monroe, it just felt like there was something missing from this film to make it something special. I’m still excited to see what Mitchell comes up with next but maybe he should go back to what he accomplished with It Follows rather than a meandering noir that doesn’t always work. It has the look and feel but needs work to be truly special.


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