The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)


The Possession of Hannah Grace

Oddly enough, there wasn’t anything huge in theaters this weekend and this seemed to be the only release. Coming and going with a whimper, no less. These types of possession movies are done to death these days, especially ones with a full name in the title. I thought this looked like something that may have been partly inspired by The Autopsy of Jane Doe, but you know with more possession. This film is bland and luckily doesn’t have a long running time but for what it is, it was fine.

The film is about an ex cop who starts a new job doing the night shift at a morgue in a hospital. One day, a mysteriously half burned body of a young girl is sent to her and immediately she starts noticing that things are strange because of her presence. The girl is Hannah Grace, who has been possessed by a demonic spirit and she continues haunting and killing those around her to heal her host body. The film stars Shay Mitchell, of Pretty Little Liars fame.

Every scare in the film is predictable, not surprisingly. You can tell that effort is being made all around but the film doesn’t really excite or really show its worth. I think Mitchell does a decent job here, I have actually watched Pretty Little Liars and think she’s stepped up quite a bit to get into the role. Its hard to really appreciate the film because there’s not really any emphatic reaction associated with a film that seems to be going with the motions.

The film just feels like it plods along with generic pace and substance and feels unspectacular yet in its resolution. Its not the worst thing ever, its a random piece that has released quietly hoping to be forgotten. These possession type films really aren’t good to begin with but I’ve seen worse in this genre so eh, I can live with this.


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