Robin Hood (2018)


Robin Hood

So how many Robin Hood films are needed? Not particularly a big fan of the legendary tale or the film adaptations. I thought after the Ridley Scott incarnation we would be done for good, Of course, that was  a silly deduction because this is Hollywood and its a well oiled machine that will churn out things we have seen before because they think we have the memory of a goldfish. So here goes, the latest most contemporary Robin Hood. I has a few shining moments but not very often. Otherwise, its a pretty useless venture.

The film is about Robin of Loxley and his transition into the Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. News of his death during the Crusades was exaggerated and when he returns he finds his home gone, his love gone, and feels like he lost it all. He becomes the enemy of the Sheriff of Nottingham and is trained by a skilled warrior to improve his arrow shooting techniques and become honed in the craft of quickness and valor.

The film has a few good performers in a project that didn’t have much hope. From the trailers and even after watching this felt a lot like Guy Ritchie’s terrible King Arthur film. The green screen effects especially when the heroes escape on horseback from the castle is insanely bad for a film at this level. Ben Mendelsohn is at his screaming, prototypical, maniacal villain best. The entire film just doesn’t offer anything new or engaging to warrant its existence.

I still don’t think its as bad as people made it out to be because there’s a rare action sequence here and there that works, and I feel like Taron Egerton really tries with what’s handed to him. Overall, don’t be like me and watch this film because there are plenty of other things in theaters worth the admission over this ancient and tired debacle of a story.


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