Creed II (2018)


Creed II

Like any other film fanatic, I have seen all the Rocky films. The films are formulaic and predictable yes, but they are good fun with enough heart to keep the series going. I did like Ryan Coogler’s Creed, though not as much as many others. Still, it showed a fresh new take on the Rocky series and worked through a series of good performances and continuing the legacy of Apollo Creed through his son. I wasn’t sure about a sequel without Coogler behind the camera but honestly I don’t think Creed II skips a beat. its predictable and goes the route of Rocky IV but still fun to watch.

The film is about the son of Ivan Drago, Viktor and his rise in the boxing scene. he makes a wave and challenges Adonis Creed for the title. Creed has a lot going on, including a baby on the way and a falling out with his coach over the fight, Rocky Balboa. Still, Creed faces off against his toughest challenge yet in Drago, a merciless fighter who looks to hurt his opponents and ultimately avenge the loss to Rocky that his father endured over 30 years ago.

Without any surprise, the actual boxing fight scenes are terrific. People watching in the cinema felt every blow that Creed endures and throws. The film has a long running length which focuses on Creed’s rehab and trying to get things with his family and friends right which may bother some and be formulaic but I think its done with taste and still manages to pack a punch with its heart. Michael B. Jordan is clearly one of the biggest stars going today and he doesn’t miss a beat in this sequel.

The film feels like a sequel and just feels like it has lower stakes then the first but entertains in the fight portions which is enough to make it a good film. I’d measure it quite closely with the first Creed and think it will be as profitable. Not that mad that this series is spawning off the Rocky series because so far it is working. Just don’t go the route of Rocky V and we will be good.


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