Green Book (2018)

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Green Book

Well its hard to ignore that this looked like Driving Miss Daisy with the races of the characters reversed. It was also hard to ignore that Peter Farrelly along with his brother, is normally known for bringing often crude comedy films. While Green Book does have a ton of humor it was definitely a step in a different direction and a true story to adapt at that. I’m amazed at how much I liked this film. Every minute of this film is thoroughly enjoyable and it touches on every emotion.

The film is about a loud mouth Italian American named Tony Lip who gets a job driving and being protection for a jazz pianist named Don Shirley. Initially, it is seen that the two come from different worlds and are at odds with each other but as time goes on and the two realize how different race relations are in the south, they begin to bond and become closer than they expected they would. Starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali in the title roles.

The film has a lot of laugh out loud moments. Especially through the eccentric nature of both leads. Whether its Tony’s hard headed but uncultured nature or Don’s particularities , the chemistry between the two is really off the charts. The film touches on many important concepts that still reverberate today, mainly in race relations and acceptance of sexuality. Farrelly and the real life son of Tony Lip do such a fine job writing a film that knows when to be funny and when to be serious.

I think the performances from both leads is also fantastic. We are about done with the year and I don’t really care what other people say this should be getting nominations is a few categories at the Academy Awards. Was really surprised at how good this film was, as the trailers don’t really show off the true excellence that this film was capable of. Urge everyone to go see it, about as good as a buddy road film will be.


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