A Private War (2018)


A Private War

Didn’t know a whole lot about this film before going in, but alas living in NYC means we get to see all the films in theaters! Furthermore, I finally feel like Rosamund Pike is getting the recognition she deserves. She’s been in the film game for a while but only recently is getting consistent work and showing her talents. I think Pike drives this film. I really enjoyed this film, its an informative biopic that has harrowing moments and is a career high from Pike.

The film is a biopic about the life of American journalist Marie Colvin. Colvin instantly recognizable because of the eye patch she wore because of an injury she suffered after a blast in Sri Lanka. Marie is an over commited journalist who goes to extremely dangerous locations to get the truth and the whole story about the horrors that go on in warring countries, unfortunately, Colvin was killed in an explosion in the Siege of Homs in Syria but the film shows her legacy.

This is the best thing Rosamund Pike has ever been in. She’s fantastic and completely becomes Colvin. Compare the way she talks to the footage of the real Colvin in the end, it felt like a dead ringer. Her character has so much story and emotion and yet Colvin remains hard hearted, strong and stern throughout the most fearful of times. I found this film to be a really satisfying work mostly through Pike being so commited

Its a really sad story. Not just what happens to civilians in other countries during battle, but also the final moments of Colvin. That’s what makes this work really strong for me. It doesn’t shy away from showing the violence. Its war. Nothing is off limits then. Not hearing enough people talking about this film but I definitely recommend it.


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